Users first spotted the credit card charge AMERICAS MAKEUP CHOICE 866 216 6931 PA on April 02, 2014. AMERICAS MAKEUP CHOICE 866 216 6931 PA has been marked as trusted by 57 users, and 70 users have been unsure about this credit card transaction.

Have you seen this charge on your debit card statement? If you think you are the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately and check your credit report to monitor your credit score.

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Charge Information

Company Americas makeup (edit)
Website Click to Add (edit)
Phone 866-216-6931 (edit)
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Description Makeup (edit)

Reports from our users:

Krystal Guzman on July 27, 2016

ok i have received your makeup several times however a transaction was made recently to my credit card on july 21st 2016 which i am not sure why it went through i no longer want your makeup i have plenty so please if in your system you still find my information email me at this to tell me im still registered i would like my account cancelled this is my college money i need and no more charges. please

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Patricia tanner on August 19, 2016

I would like to cancel my account. I have enough makeup to last for several months. I don't use it everyday. Please cancel my account.

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Keneysha on May 16, 2017

I will never order from yall again waste of time and money and very rude even the supervisor was disrespectful I'm a customer and the way they was talking was not right I'm reporting them

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Theresa Johnson on June 04, 2017

It all started with a order for 8.95, I received it, didn't care for it so I called customer service and told them please cancel my account, that was a month ago, so today I checked my credit card and 89.33 was missing! I called my credit card company and guess what? They decided to take the money out of my account with NO permission!!!! All I can say is they Better refund my money are they will have a BIG problem on their hands!!! Ugh, Grrrrrrrr smh

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#smalltown on June 23, 2017

Yes, as a matter of fact, they took TWO2 charges off of my DADS card today, and not only would I not use his card, I never ordered anything from them! But, I do get Ipsy, so maybe they are selling their customers information! Who knows?! But, were any of you successful on getting the charges removed? Ty

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Melanie Killian on July 15, 2017

I would like to cancel my subscription. It (the website) said it would take 10 days to cancel order. I have sent the makeup back and you are still taking money out of my account. Do something!

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  • Misc. Debit AMERICAS MAKEUP CHOICE 866 216 6931 PA
  • Visa Check Card AMERICAS MAKEUP CHOICE 866 216 6931 PA
  • POS Debit AMERICAS MAKEUP CHOICE 866 216 6931 PA