Users first spotted the credit card charge LH TRADING on January 03, 2015. LH TRADING has been marked as trusted by 109 users, and 64 users have been unsure about this credit card transaction.

Have you seen this charge on your American Express statement? If you think you are the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately and check your credit report to monitor your credit score.

Do you know anything about the source of this credit card charge? If you have any information about LH TRADING please comment below and help other potential victims!

Charge Information

Company LH Trading (edit)
Website https://www.lovehoney.com/ (edit)
Phone 8666479194 (edit)
Category Click to Add (edit)
Description Sex products (edit)

Reports from our users:

Damian on August 23, 2017

Someone used my card to make an online purchase. When I called the CC company to dispute the charge they said it is a women's clothing and accessories company. It was listed as "LH TRADING 333-103-696 GA" on my CC statement.

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BOURREAU YVES on March 08, 2018

J'ai un prélèvement de 40.64€ de LH TRADING sans explication ???de qoua s'agit il ????je n'est fait aucun achat de ce montant la ??? cordialement yv

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YouDontKnowMe on November 24, 2018

Originally thought it was a scam, but then I remembered I purchased something, with discrete shipping, discrete credit card charges... Maybe this will help you remember...

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Sherry on April 04, 2019

LH trading showed up on my credit card I reported as fraud they got $400 Its called stealing

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John on April 27, 2019

Sex toys

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Anonymous on July 28, 2019

Have never purchased from this company and this company charged a purchase from my card. Fraud. Beware.

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LeeL on November 08, 2019

LoveHoney company; charged and refunded when problem with order.

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Discretion on February 01, 2020

Bought orgasm balms from LoveHoney in Brisbane and it came up as LH Trading. BTW, the balms from this store work OK.

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Marianne Wilson-Redman on March 03, 2020

I ordered from Love honey and received a defective item. I sent it back and called them and asked if they received it. They said "No. There is no record of my even shipping the item out". I had to call my bank and explain what happened. So there was a reversal credit from LH trading company and the following month, they fradulantly took the money out my social security check.

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Amanda on June 02, 2020

everyone should check their cards shocked to find a transaction each day for the past 5 days by L H Trading -

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Grown on June 05, 2020

Legitimate Adult sexual products. I have ordered several products from their LoveHoney website in Georgia. Charge to my credit card shows LH Trading 866-647-9194 GA

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Adulting on July 15, 2020

Guys... It's the grown up stuff you ordered.

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Robert on September 09, 2020

LH Trading is Love Honey adult toys. Me and my wife purchased some bedroom toys for ourselves and then I seen this on my bank statement. LH Trading is vague but it's supposed to be discrete. Love Honey always is discrete when you purchase from them. They have warehouses in GA and other states so if you are wondering about these charges to your account, ask yourself if you bought any couple toys.

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