Users first spotted the credit card charge NSHERPA.COM on January 24, 2015. NSHERPA.COM has been marked as trusted by 36 users, and 84 users have been unsure about this credit card transaction.

Have you seen this charge on your credit card statement? If you think you are the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately and check your credit report to monitor your credit score.

Do you know anything about the source of this credit card charge? If you have any information about NSHERPA.COM please comment below and help other potential victims!

Charge Information

Company Natural Health Sherpa (edit)
Website nhealthsherpa.com (edit)
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Reports from our users:

Clayton paul on October 17, 2021

I been charge 3 diff from yall Nsherpa. Com for $77 ,$49,$ 66. I need yall to reimburse me this money I dont owe yall shit. This is against the law. I never authorized this

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Angela on February 17th 2022 on February 18, 2022

I have been charged twice I called customer service and they assured me they would stop taking money out of my account and would make sure I would get refunded the money they keep taking out...which they did not do...so here I go yet again calling customer service. Grrrrrr not happy

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Susan on June 06, 2022

I was charged $49 dollars which I did nOT AUTHORIZE. i CALLED the number but it was a furnishing company . Does anyone have a phone number for this scam companyl

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Amanda on October 05, 2022

I questioned this, but looking through my paypal can see that it was purchase for Metabolic Renewal Diet Program.

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Suzanne on October 24, 2022

I the charge on my acct. immediately found these complaints on BBB called my bank. reported the fraud. Changed my card number.

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Sharon on October 25, 2022

$60.41 charged on my bank card no idea what for-says Sherpa.com15NC

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Graciela Gastelum on October 28, 2022

They charged me 69.00 dlls for i still don’t know what … Charged it on my bank account 🥺

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  • Visa Check Card NSHERPA.COM