First seen January 27, 2014. Last updated on June 04, 2023.

The credit card or debit card charge CYBERNET ENTERTAINMENT was first spotted on January 27, 2014. Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen CYBERNET ENTERTAINMENT on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

C Moore on June 30, 2020

I discovered a "pending" charge on one of my CCs this morning which said only "cybernet" so I called the bank to ask about it. The only information the bank was able to provide was a telephone number. The bank informed me that I could not dispute the charge while it was "pending" but that as soon as it was "posted" I could dispute it. I called the number which the bank had provided to me and spoke with a very polite customer service rep (CSR) who explained exactly what the charge was. Of course, it was an automatic renewal of something I did not want and which I had forgotten about. I told the CSR that I would dispute the charge and tell the bank to reverse the charge. He asked if he could put me "on hold." When he returned, he told me that he had contacted the vendor and that they had agreed to reverse the charge and that I should see a credit to my account within 7-10 business days. (That's the normal language in such cases - 7 to 10.) I believe the credit will be applied, but (like Pres. Reagan) I will trust but verify!

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C Moore on June 30, 2020

Just a followup on my cybernet story: After writing my comment, I returned to my bank (Credit Card) account and the promised CREDIT has ALREADY appeared on my card account! So, the CSR did as he promised but much more quickly than I had expected.

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Fran Perlmutter on July 11, 2021

I have this is charge on my card and I would like to get it off and cancel it. Thank you very much.

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Help on December 25, 2021

To anyone who has seen this appear on their statement and no one is willing to admit what it is. Its an automatic payment for pornographic website. Can't tel you specifically because most show up under names like this but yea.

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Bjarki Freyr Aronsson on June 04, 2023

Hello, Id like to cancel all subscriptions that I have with or through Chargedex Cybernet Entertainment and at the same time like to know what the subscription is to.

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Bjarki Freyr Aronsson on June 04, 2023

Hello Id like to cancel all of the subscriptions I have with or through charhedex. At the same time Id like to know what the charges were for. Bjarki Aronsson First 6 Last 4: 4265-62-1907 Zip Code: 111

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