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bp kalypso n alikarnasso grc

SkyExpress Greece

Øyvind 2024-06-17

cbo atlanta

Charge for 30.63 against my debit card to Dbo-cho Atlanta 6/3/24.

Bugman 2024-06-03

kobo us inc wilmington de

Received about 20 charges for various amounts between $66.00-67.00. The good news is I run cyber intelligence for a tech giant and when I call the feds they take it seriously. I am going after whoever is behind these charges.

Multiple $66.98 transactions 2024-05-29

cvb tro courthouse virginia bch va


CVB TRO Rixhmond 2024-05-29

ssitcv v porto pt

It showed up for me twice when I was in the Lisbon airport. I think it's a shop there where I bought water or candy.

E.S. 2024-05-29


I want medical

Gadisi 2024-05-27

tlf*the balloon factor 619 ca florists

I purchased 15 balloons for my grandsons 15 birthday. They were to be delivered today and they did not arrive. Charges were placed on 5/14/2024

Roxanne 2024-05-16

hartmandes pa

HARTMANDES is an abbreviation for HARTMAN DESIGN, INC., which is the website owner for various small companies. They often process your credit card payments through PayPal or similar, so your CC statement will say HARTMANDES with PayPal's phone number, 402-935-7733

HARTMANDES 2024-05-15

carik gida in.taah.tur istanbul tur

April 7, 2024, Galata Fish House restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. Seven people for lunch. Each person ordered price on the menu ranged from 600 to 800 TL. Our check price should have been about 5,550 TL. The charged my credit card for 17,000 TL or $526 US dollars. Scam was initiated by saying that my credit card declined. Then my 2nd card was approved but with the highly inflated charge. By the time I was notified by my bank, we were in a different part of the city and no way to return to resolve. They use the lire-to-US$ exchange confusion to keep you off balance, plus the "declined" credit card to add more confusion and stress.

Gary - So. California 2024-05-05

Scam they have charged me $880.46 and will not stop the charges.

Sandy 2024-05-03

2741 pbc evansville in evansville in

Trynna take my money bruh

Kloe 2024-05-03

symbios solutions

Margie 2024-04-25

gan*gannettohmediacirc in eq

I did not make this charge an continuously get charged

Meghan Miller 2024-04-23

My charges were for adult online movies.

Elizabeth Barger 2024-04-22

2865 pbc collierville

Vending machine at UofM

SLB 2024-04-22

woolworths online 8843 bella vista au

Monthly charge 13.50

Orr 2024-04-17

foreign transaction fee joosikhoisa haesol incheon

no other explanation


e commerce #9999

Lifetime Fitness - Legitimate

E COMMERCE #9999 2024-04-08

afv it dept syracuse ny

I been charger 2.68 I never heard of this before and I never had a problem with it

Hector 2024-04-06

docomo goriyouryoukin minatoku docomo goriyouryoukin minatoku

The Main Issue With Tattooed Pornstars, And How You Can Repair It Tattooed pornstars

Bessie 2024-03-29