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pp*5564code ca

pp*5564code what is this thing, it was charged in my credit card

Tom 2023-03-18

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Marty 2023-03-14

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Dakota Harris 2023-03-07


News-Press, 3 Pine Island Rd, North Fort Myers, FL, Book Stores

Seems ok 2023-03-01

afv it dept syracuse fast food restaurant

Employer has a self-checkout snack shop in the breakroom that posted from Syracuse as an in person transaction. This was not in New York.

Shu 2023-02-26

thompson co.*totalvalpl fl

This is a BS scam...

DB 2023-02-24

pp*affordable marketing t224 il

I was charged $125.00. I have no idea what this is. My credit card company will not refund as they say my chip was used

Judy 2023-02-23

prestprops 1327 cc

Appearing on statement. Don't know where from.

Angie 2023-02-08

pc 123 ontario ca

What appears on your credit card statement as "PC 123" from Ontario, CA, is a charge from Personnel Concepts. I get my annual Labor Law posters from them. I learned a couple of years back to just order the basic poster that is required by law and nothing more. They will try to follow-up with phone calls to sell you more of the products, but I just tell them that I am not interested and they have left me alone. But it is a legitimate charge.

Sabena, SERVPRO 2023-01-25

laf north hollywood b north hollywo ca

It's a charge for LA Fitness membership

Andrew 2023-01-25

lh trading

This is hilarious. I’d love to listen to the recorded calls of people calling their bank, claiming fraud only to be told it’s for their bedroom purchases. Oh and like the others in this thread, it’s lovehoneys way of saving you embarrassment…unless you call you bank and have them explain it for you.

DildoDave 2023-01-19

tickets nottingham theatrical producers (except motion pictures) ticket agencies

I just seen £33 payment throught TP (EX..) on my credit card. And I dont know when I made this payment im I had to report it.

Kam 2023-01-17

paypal *fastspring

I have gotten this charge just today for $40.95. Can anyone tell me what this is???

Akika 2023-01-12

marcys never too late san antonio tx

Although this is not a scam, watch your statements closely because two weeks after the legitimate charge for shipping belongings home, another charge appeared. The second charge wasn't from this business, but for an online purchase. I know it was someone from this business attempting to make a purchase using my card information because I only used the affected card when traveling and since you are required to list all the card information when using this service (or pay cash with no change) it was the only time when my card's information was exposed.

Dee 2023-01-03

sq *faddy's storrs ct

Charge on my credit card statement

Faddy PA East, Hartford US 2022-12-27

afv it dept syracuse ny

It's for American Food Vending My Charges was to Binghamton Black Bears Concessions.

Shawna 2022-12-21

woolworths online 8843 bella vista au

So this popped up on my cba app. I blocked the card Straight away. Rang cba to ask what this is as I’m not at Woolworths. And have not gone shopping at Woolworths. Disputed the transaction and will have to wait. They did not if it was fraudulent or not but they stopped the card and issued a new one.

Woolworths online Bella vista $15 (qld Brisbane) 2022-12-21

I was charged over 77.00 dollars on my catd???? ?

Melody 2022-12-20

legacy investments man atlanta ga

12/05/2022 Paid for parking at the lot next to the embassy suites which was suppose to have been $10 but was charged $100. Can’t get in contact with anyone it’s under City of Atlanta district but back statements says LEGACY INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT.

Jazz 2022-12-18

markozanes iakovos santorini grc

Restaurant called Skala, on the main walking strip in Oia, Santorini

KathyC 2022-12-17