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$4.99 then $29.99

Amber Rondeau 2023-12-06

I have noticed a couple of changes now since October through PayPal so now can’t even Trust PayPal I am canceling my CC

Patti 2023-11-30

TBC/PH# 28712

I just noticed this on my card and read the other comments about Taco Bell in Whittier. That's correct, I just purchased food there earlier so that seems to be it.

Juan Viola 2023-11-30

google *activision

Google Activision charges. 4.99 each

Donna Cavanaugh 2023-11-27

lh trading

Showed up on multiple accounts.

Lisa 2023-11-27

reapply frm abandond prpty $58.64

I have no idea what this is

Barbara Whitaker 2023-11-27

tickets nottingham

TICKETS NOTTINGHAM with a long number. £1.50 but what is it???

Jo 2023-11-26

kobo us inc wilmington de

5 unauthorized charges

Kobo Wilmington DE 2023-11-26

afv it dept syracuse ny

I have never use my credit card related to AFV IT DEPT , but it’s charged two times from my account please be alert with this scam

Rajan shrestha 2023-11-25

cox*las vegas comm sv nvsecure number 6011

I seen this Cox Pensacola Comm SV on my Cash App Bank Card, I wanted know why it's on my Cash app card?

Jessie Young 2023-11-24

symbios solutions

no prescription pharmacy paypal canada online pharmacy no prescription compounding pharmacy hydrocodone

Vernita 2023-11-23 oslo

I have a charge every 2 month of 117 euro by my credit card account

Jan Wevers 2023-11-13

Airlines rep XD

Not recognize this charge

Wen chen 2023-11-10

target t1401 1401

$674.01 was stolen from our SNAP food benefits card. We no longer have food money for the month. It was used at Gateway Target @ 7 in the morning. These thieves must be caught.

Abe O 2023-11-09

wc mon pulse minnetonka mn

My card was charged 36.95 and I disputed the charge and received a new card and yet again after activating my new card literally yesterday I wake up to another charge what the hell is going on I have no idea who you are and need my money reimbursed asap

Hope 2023-11-08

orangese.courvad noisy le granfr

65,98 € sdebite le 18/08/2023 - preleve sans facture


si *financial experts il

Called The Price is Right contest line. Won. Had to listen to prompts in order to get a gift card. Solicitor said I was not responsible for any offers, and, to listen. Now I was CHARGED US $4.95.

Scott B. Rainwater 2023-11-07

nnt corp

when my account went negative, I was looking at my accounts - was this latest charge that did it.. I've never been to UT. I scrolled back and found another one from UT. I did a search of the account and found 8 charges over the last 15 months! The earlier ones were from my local area and I did not notice. I don't know how well this will format... 10/31/2023 NNT PROGRESSIV 10/31 PURCHASE DRAPER UT View/Edit Debit Card -$163.69 10/12/2023 NNT PROGRESSIV 10/12 PURCHASE DRAPER UT View/Edit Debit Card -$63.13 04/03/2023 NNT ROSES #365 04/01 PURCHASE HICKORY NC View/Edit Debit Card -$284.00 03/21/2023 NNT THE BRASS 03/21 PURCHASE BLOWING ROCK NC View/Edit Debit Card -$158.96 03/13/2023 NNT BETHLEHEM 03/12 PURCHASE HICKORY NC View/Edit Debit Card -$57.72 02/21/2023 NNT BETHLEHEM 02/21 PURCHASE HICKORY NC View/Edit Debit Card -$49.17 10/03/2022 NNT BETHLEHEM 10/02 PURCHASE HICKORY NC View/Edit Debit Card -$62.02 09/06/2022 NNT N&Y TOBACC 09/05 PURCHASE HICKORY NC View/Edit Debit Card -$98.34

Daniel J Schueler 2023-11-06

tickets nottingham theatrical producers (except motion pictures) ticket agencies

Thought I had bought 2 Take That tickets for £232.60 which never arrived.

Easilyscammed 2023-11-06

Whatever this is keeps taking twenty five dollars out of my account

Kelly 2023-10-31