First seen July 29, 2014. Last updated on June 22, 2019.

The credit card or debit card charge MRD*MURD DRTV was first spotted on July 29, 2014. Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen MRD*MURD DRTV on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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Charge Information

Merchant debit (edit)
Website Murad (edit)
Phone 8005968723 (edit)
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What people are saying...

Michael Ellis on May 02, 2017

Found the charge on my card and have no idea what it is.

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Kris on May 09, 2017

Umm, what is it? I'm on SSI cant afford to look at my debit account and see almost $50 gone for something I have no clue about. What did I get charged for on MRD*MURD DRTV?

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D. Yoshino on July 12, 2017

I was called by my credit card company asking if a charge to this site was legit. It wasn't and it was removed; I didn't pay a penny. Thank you Chase!

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michele on October 10, 2017

Murad skincare company

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NJM on December 28, 2017

This is a payment from the Murad Skin Care package purchase. Instead of paying the large total at once, they deduct 3 separate payments. Be careful, if you didn't cancel the automatic will keep getting charged!

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Gus on July 12, 2018

Got a call and text from my bank asking about this charge. No clue where it came from, it was a fraudulent charge for us,

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Shan on August 01, 2018

Has no clue what this charge was, first showed in process for $170, cancelled card real quick and then went through for $166. I’ve never done any business with Murad skin company. Eff you scammers, thanks for the inconvenience.

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Bob on September 05, 2018

I also was called by a credit card company and this was a fraudulent transaction. So if you see it, your card has been stolen and best to get a new one. it looks like a skin care product. i also got charged by GRC*CREPEERASE 8 which is a similar product and was fraudulent as well.

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Joe on November 30, 2018

They stolen my card data, and charged $60.

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Jotham on June 06, 2019

This is a legitimate company that makes probiotics. I noticed this charge on my account and contacted my bank. They put me in touch with this company. Turns out someone used my card to create an account with them and order $100 worth of product. They cancelled the account and are in the process of refunding the money. They also black listed my card from being used again. I also had my bank close out the card though and I will be getting a new one asap.

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Disgusted on June 22, 2019

Got us for $170. Our bank will remove it, got a new card.

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