First seen May 30, 2014. Last updated on April 21, 2022.

The credit card or debit card charge OSTUNI COZUMEL QROO was first spotted on May 30, 2014. Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen OSTUNI COZUMEL QROO on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

Jennifer on September 13, 2015

It is a gas station (PEMEX) in Cozumel - I was scammed there last week with unauthorized charges on my account

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John on March 09, 2016

I also filled a motor scooter at a Pemex station in Cozumel. The attendants distracted me by conversation as he filled the tank from the opposite side pump and then told me it was 3 liters. I never thought about it until later, but there was no way that the scooter could have used that much fuel. Anyway, I handed over my credit card because I had no Pesos. The attendant brings it back a minute later saying the CC machine is not working, so I paid in USD cash. After arriving home, I find a CC charge for $41.50 USD from Ostuni, Cozumel.

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Wendy on March 21, 2016

Very very similar situation to John. We rented a tiny car for a drive around the island. Barely used any fuel, but didn't think about it when we were told the amount due. Later just thought that the price of gas in Mexico must be expensive. Attendant said the CC machine wasn't working, so we paid USD in cash like John. G0t back home and found a credit card charge for $43.70 from Ostuni Cozumel. Going to call the CC company and see if I have any recourse on this as a fraudulent charge. Wish me luck, ha!

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JOshua on April 15, 2016

Same story as Wendy.

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Thomas on June 07, 2016

Same story as the rest, the attendant claimed my card did not work, then I paid with pesos (110), and went to check my card, a charge og $48.74 was made, from a place called Ostoni. Pieces of shit these people are, trying to screw tourists any way possible.

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Ethan on July 01, 2016

Scammed there buying gas there for a rental Jeep last week. I've been to Mexico many times and thought I knew all the gas station scams (fail to zero, wrong side, type in prepaid amount, etc...), but they got me for $10-15 this time. Somehow they managed to increase the amount when I glanced away for a moment to check my fuel gauge to verify that it was full. I knew something was up but couldn't prove it (liter display on the pump was also correct). I tried paying with a credit card but they said it was rejected and made me pay in cash. I asked for a receipt and the guy disappeared for a while and then came back with a receipt for another pump with a completely different amount. I stiffed the guy on the tip, but we were late to get back and didn't have time to make a scene. I got home and checked my credit card statement and they'd also charged my credit card. I disputed the charge and Citibank processed the chargeback and gave me a conditional credit immediately - a week later I have confirmation that the charge has been reversed permanently. Anyway, it's only $10 or so, but always amazed that the local government has allowed these scams to go on for so long. The island's economy is 100% dependent on tourism and it reflects very badly on them.

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Brad on September 26, 2016

First tried to pay $5 US cash as I needed very little gas for my rental. I just made the loop. They took my cash and 'filled' up 5 dollars worth, but the indicator didn't move. I told them to do it again while car was on and wife watched the meter. 7 dollars worth did it. I demanded my cash back and used my card and specifically wrote on receipt I authorize a $7.22 charge... 2 days later online says $44 something! Will be home next few days to dispute the 38 dollar overcharge

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nathan on October 19, 2016

I got scammed here just the other day, asked them to fill up my half empty rented scooter and they charged me 150 peso. Used my debit card to pay and payment wasn't successful. They then told me there was an ATM a couple of blocks away or I could pay with what I had, 20 Peso. Ofcourse I paid the 20 peso cash and drove off but I knew something wasn't right... 2 days later my card was charged 1000 peso !!! Currently talking to citibank to resolve this.

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Mike on May 10, 2017

I was on a motor-scooter with an 8 litre tank capacity. Tried to pay the 140 pesos by credit card. They bring a portable EFTPOS terminal to the pump. Swipe card. Print out says "No communication". Swipe card a second time. Same thing. So I pay with cash. Get home to find a charge of 600 pesos on my MasterCard. Joke. So my bank here in Australia credits me and disputes the charge. The Mexican bank tries to uphold the charge despite there being NO SIGNATURE by me on any CREDIT CARD record. Clearly the portable EFTPOS device skims card details for fraudulent charges to be levied afterwards. WHY HAVE THEY STILL GOT A MERCHANT NUMBER ISSUED BY MASTERCARD WHERE MASTERCARD IS AWARE (OR SHOULD BE) OF REGULAR FRAUDULENT USAGE? MASTERCARD IS A PART OF THE SCAM IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES AND ACTION AT LAW SHOULD BE TAKEN.

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Damian on June 09, 2017

Same Story! 46.86 Dolars..... In Gas station Cozumel

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Leah on August 14, 2017

I got scammed just like the rest! Portable credit card machine didn't work....they didn't speak English, maybe price of gas higher here....Paid cash and then got hit for almost $48 on my credit card! How do they continue to get away with this if it is continually happening? There are probably many people out there that haven't discovered this scam.

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Hunter on April 24, 2018

Same story. Went to this gas station to fill up rental scooters on 4.22.18. They said the cc machine wasn't working so they charged us $23 in cash. Seemed high, but we paid it anyway. We just got home and checked our cc statement. Looks like their machine was working after all and charged us $54.26. Will be disputing.

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doc on April 26, 2018

Scammed twice over the weekend of 4/20/18-4/23/18. Both times at Av Lic Benito Juárez 73, Emiliano Zapata, San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico 1st time, overcharged. I knew it, but could not prove it since I did not watch from the start. Had something else happen at the same time. They used distraction on this one. 2nd time - same as the others above, they said the machine was not working. Told me to go get cash out of the ATM to pay (i didn't) but they charged $65 on my card and got my friend for $51. Will dispute and find out what the CC company is doing about this. Seems rampant.

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Rob A on April 21, 2022

Same as everyone else. One guy was chitchatting with me, the other guy came back and said machine was having difficulty and could I pull forward. The charge as $44 for 4 liters of gas, which should be about $10. Will dispute with Credit Card company

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