First seen June 04, 2015. Last updated on April 08, 2021.

The credit card or debit card charge RESUME CHARGE.COM CA was first spotted on June 04, 2015. Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen RESUME CHARGE.COM CA on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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Charge Information

Merchant Smart Resume Wizard (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone 8883312977 (edit)
Category Charge on debit card (edit)
Description Charged 34 usd on two occassions (edit)

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What people are saying...

Chowdhury on November 05, 2016

Its a crap i never enrolled

0 0
Lisa Haines on July 03, 2017

It did nothing for me and charged me. What do I do?

0 0
susanne cornes on August 11, 2017

two separate charges a week apart on my credit card and [ city bank ] call center in India said to bad.

0 0
Denise Inall on September 15, 2017

Never subscibed, this needs to be removed NOW!

0 0
Peter on October 29, 2017

What is this crap? never heard of them before.BE WARNED. Has been reported.

0 0 on February 11, 2018

taking monthly payments but I did not use this service

0 0
Jason on March 28, 2018

My wife did one resume and the charges keep coming can't contact anyone may have to close the account.

0 0
Jessa Twinkle Manuel on May 21, 2018

Just used it once but keep charging me every month!

0 0
Dave on August 05, 2018

Mine was legit. I created a resume on I did the 7-day "trial" for $4.99, but they kept charging my card. Was able to login and cancel my account. They say no more charges, but we'll see. Hope this helps someone.

0 0
Greg Williams on November 13, 2018

My bank account was debited by Resume for over a year after enrolling with My How can I get the money back from Resume on bank statement 800-218-9067).

0 0
Barry on December 06, 2018

Was charged never used them

0 0
YiChen Shi on March 18, 2019

I get two times charges from your request. by online transfer. I have not used any of your service. So explain to me please. I have told the bank to stop transferring from your request. Also I asked for a return. I hope to hear from you ASAP.

0 0
Diana yates on July 15, 2019

This mob are scammers I did one resume cancelled account still having money taken out $57 per fortnight then you don5 hear from them then bam out comes money gee I’ve paid $200 Australian in under two months expensive resume

0 0
John Gilfeather on May 18, 2020

Just noticed a payment of $39.95 on my checking account. Called my Bank and they are crediting me with over $500 US. THEY SHOULD NOT MESS WITH BANK OF AMERICA.yvW

0 0
yichen shi on May 21, 2020

I would like to cancel subscription for now and stop transfer please!

0 0
Judy Robb on April 08, 2021

I have had monthly charges x 5 months and cannot stop them Please advise!!!!! I will report this sight again

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