First seen March 10, 2014. Last updated on February 06, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge GOOGLE *ACTIVISION was first spotted on March 10, 2014. Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen GOOGLE *ACTIVISION on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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Charge Information

Merchant Google activision (edit)
Website Google (edit)
Phone 18558363987 (edit)
Category Games (edit)
Description Spinx games and activision (edit)

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What people are saying...

Ron singleton on November 30, 2021

I have over 20 charges from this. Something needs to be done

6 1
Franklin James Weed on March 15, 2022

Why is Google Activision charging my debit card .99 ?

4 3
BARBARA ANN WARNACA on June 01, 2022

i was charged 4 times. something needs to be done.

3 2
Heather cole on June 12, 2022

I was charged $4.99 10 times in two days by Google Activision. Never have i seen this before nor did i make these transactions.

2 1
Pissed off white boy on July 10, 2022

Over 200 charges ranging from $.99- $5.50 in just a few days. I have not made and charges nor authorized any charges. This is completely unacceptable 😤. I work my ass off for my money and now I am possibly going to be evicted cause some jackass felt the need to take what wasn't his. I fucking hope you are found charged and raped in prison you lowlife anal secretion.

7 0
Fraudulent Charges on July 12, 2022

Google Activision is fraudulently charging credit cards. By the time it’s all figured out, hundreds of dollars are stolen, credit scores are ruined, and credit bureaus aren’t putting scores back to before the theft occurred.

2 0
Peg Beard on September 17, 2022

$89.00 in charges on my Social Security debit card within 12 hours!

1 0
Jerrika on February 25, 2023

Had my money stolen by Google Activision

0 0
Jen on March 17, 2023

Called the activision number and all of a sudden it’s closed on a Friday at 11:37 A.M this is a scam and you all should be prosecuted

1 0
Rei on June 08, 2023

I was charged 3 times today, first $190.00 then $8.99 two times within 10mins

0 0
Vijay Durgadeen on June 10, 2023

Unauthorized payments to Google Activision an I don't even game... I'm being charged for something I have no idea about an it's being charged twice each time.

0 0
SANDY on June 13, 2023

Within the last few days I have been charged 10 times by 'google activision' 4 transactions in one day. I have disputed it with my bank today. Hopefully I get my money back? I don't know how this works but fingers crossed. Who are these people?

0 0
John on July 15, 2023

GOOGLE ACTIVISION just took from my bank 2x 99,90 and putted my account with negative money.. i have 4 more 99,90 declines transaccions from this name :(

0 0
Jc on August 14, 2023

I bought a gift card on July 11th and before I ever even had a chance to use it, the very next day a charge for all but 1 penny was taken from it by google activision.

0 0
Nove on September 08, 2023

I got charges also on a daily basis

0 0
Neil Dendy Young on September 21, 2023

I saw this post and checked my records to see I am getting an Activisionn charge monthly. What to do?

0 0
folorunsho joseph on September 26, 2023

i was charged several times, almost N50,000. funsho from nigeria, is there any way to recover this money

0 0
Mark on October 17, 2023

This just happened to me and I am devastated and lost a lot too. I had a visa gift card from giftcardmall with hundreds of dollars. This morning all the money was gone and there are over 30 charges from "Google Activision" and Google eMadden and Google PingMe for amounts that others above had. What do I do? This figtcard mall place is horrible.

0 0
Nicole Bustamante on October 25, 2023

GOOGLE *Activision 855-836-3987US Fecha de la transacción 25/10/2023 a las 10:14 Monto $ 49.99.

0 0
Rebecca Rosser on November 06, 2023

My bank account was charged $108.99 Google Activision. NO one in family did this charge. My bank has a fraud charge for it!

0 0
Chan on November 07, 2023

It has been going on since 19Jul 2023 till now 07Nov2023.

0 0
Donna Cavanaugh on November 27, 2023

Google Activision charges. 4.99 each

0 0
Wynand on January 21, 2024

I have 13 transactions going out of my account to a total of R1400. That is $75. How can this be stopped?

0 0
David Smith on February 06, 2024

My credit card was charged by google activision I lost 58.00

0 0

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